Sunday, March 29, 2009

Caring For French Bead Flowers

It's my belief that it's better not to manufacture unnecessary work for others. This is true for the ones I know and love, and is true even for others I have never met and will never meet.

So, I will not be dunking my precious bead flowers in water to clean them. Doing this seems like a good solution at the time - but, even with coated wires, total immersion of metal into water will eventually cause rust. And rust and pretty flowers just don't go together.

So - how do you safely clean your bead flowers? There are two ways that I use. First, you can give them a good dusting with a regular feather duster. Second, if the dirt problem is more persistent, you can take a plain baby wipe in your hand. Roll the rows of beaded wire in your fingers. You get all the benefits of a wet washing, but the moisture does not get inside the beads, and your risk of damage is minimal. Be careful of the silk-wrapped stems, though - they can fray in the presence of any moisture at all.

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