Friday, November 28, 2008

Q & A Digest: Wire Ends Catch in my Clothes

Question: The top basic wires on my bead flower pin keep catching in my clothes and making the flower misshapen. How can I prevent this?

Answer: It’s all in the making of each petal. Here are a few suggestions:

Make each top basic wire longer than the length of each petal. When each petal is finished, fold the top basic wire down, uncrimp the end, and wrap the wire in with the stem wires. Now you will have no “nib” at the tip of the petals to catch in your clothes.

Another idea: When the petals are finished, cut the top basic wire short as usual. Now take a narrow needlenose plier and curl the end very tightly around on itself, flat against the petal. This should leave no end available to catch in your clothes.

Also, you could do this: If your wire is fine enough, use a plier to “lead” the cut end into a row of beads. I use firm wire that can’t pass through the beads twice, so this technique does not work for me; but if you use lighter wire, it might suit your needs just fine.

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

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