Monday, November 3, 2008

A Vintage Art, 2.0

The European art of bead flowers is the hottest “new” art around. It’s truly a vintage art, 2.0.

Take a look! There are even DVD's to show you how to do it.

The art of making flowers out of beads strung on wire may have begun as early as the 1300’s in Germany, when metal wire was first developed. The simple loop posies that were probably made in that simpler time and place were the ancestors of a stunning array of modern-day creations.

Bead flowers can appear anywhere you might use silk or fresh flowers. Unlike living flowers or even silk ones, however, bead flowers can look fresh for a lifetime or more. They make ideal bridal bouquets, bridal headpieces, hair barrettes and corsages, to name just a few uses.

Recognize any of these names? Marie Antoinette, Napoleon’s Josephine, Patricia Nixon, Princess Caroline, Princess Grace of Monaco, William Randolph Hearst. Do you know what they have in common? All these people owned and treasured bead flowers.

Bead flowers can be made out of many kinds and styles of beads. For a great accent, some beaders use rhinestone centers in their flowers. Beads can be matte or pearly, colorlined or unlined, opaque or transparent, and the list goes on.

The great thing about bead flowers is that the artist’s creativity can be unlimited. Want to make a black rose? Go ahead. How about a “giant” version of a tiny living flower? Be our guest. Want to create a flower that looks like it’s from another planet? Sure, why not? New hybrids of living flowers are being created all the time. A twin to your “fantasy” bead flower could appear in the local garden stores soon.

Modern bead flowers are amazing, and you can learn how to make them. Take a look!


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